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More than a Fashion Week "Latin Fashion Week®" is a socio-economic vehicle. Connecting the dots to interweave the ever-changing world of brands and consumers.


It is our interest and commitment to promoting Latin American art and Latin Couture in the United States and the world. The fashion event Latin Fashion Week has a presence in states like New York City during NYFW, Washington DC during Hispanic Heritage month, Los Angeles CA during the week of the Oscars and Dallas TX.


Being this the fashion catwalk brands are represented throughout the year. It's a week where we celebrate, fashion, music, beauty, entertainment, exhibitions. During past events we counted on the presence of personalities like Kevin Sorbo the protagonist of the first series of films of "Hercules; "The Little People of Beverly Hills" the super series ;, Karin the winner of America Next Top Model USA stage 19, Clarissa Molina Ms. Dominican Universe 2015 ;, which finishes winning the prestigious title of "NBL" beauty contest carried out by Univision, closed the catwalk of the designer Joseluis Victoria ;, Yaritza Molina Ms. World first runner-up 2016 , Tanya Knowles the mother of the prestigious singer Beyonce, among other celebrities.



Demonstrating that our fashion event Latin Fashion Week is the # 1 fashion event to be part of and position your brand with wholesale buyers, boutiques, stars, and celebrities.

Más que una Semana de la moda “Latín Fashion Week®” es un vehículo socio económico. Conectando los puntos para entrelazar el mundo siempre-cambiante de marcas y consumidores.


Es nuestro interés y compromiso fomentar el arte Latino Americano y la alta costura latina en Estados Unidos y el mundo. El evento de moda Latín Fashion week conta con presencia en estados como New York City durante NYFW, Washington DC durante el mes de la herencia hispana,  Los Angeles CA durante la semana de los Oscar y Dallas TX.  En el 2017 Latín Fashion Week ofrece su primer desfile en Caracas Venezuela, otros países esperan confirmación.  Siendo este la pasarela de moda que marcas son representados durante todo el año.

Es una semana donde celebramos, moda, music, belleza, entretenimiento, exposiciones. 

Durante eventos pasados hemos contado con la presencia de personalidades como Kevin Sorbo el protagonista de la primera serie de películas de “Hercules; “The Little people of Bervelly hills” la súper serie;, Karin la ganadora de America Next Top Model  USA etapa 19; , Clarissa Molida Ms. República Dominicana Universo 2015;, la cual terminan de ganador el prestigioso título  de “NBL” competencia de belleza llevada a cabo por Univisión, cerro la pasarela del diseñador Joseluis Victoria;, Y Yaritza Molina Ms. World primer finalista 2016, Tanya Knowel la madre de la prestigiosa cantante Beyonce, entre otras celebridades.

Demostrando que nuestro evento de moda Latín Fashion Week es el #1 evento de moda para ser parte y posicionar su marca con compradores al mayoreo, boutiques, estrellas y celebridades.


Latin Fashion Week is a leading award winning fashion platform, in Los Angeles, New York City, Washington DC and Dallas Texas



Welcome to “Our People | Our World | Your Style”®










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Lunz Foundation

Latin Fashion Week supports Luzs Foundation's women empowerment movement in the fashion industry. Support the Luzs Foundation's initiative to help women in poverty and third world countries establish their fashion companies with microloans; As well as to fight Human Trafficking.


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