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Our people and our fashion shape our world ®

An award ceremony recognizing the contribution of Latinos/Hispanics in the fashion industry.

This year we will recognize the "Latin Fashion Awards will recognize the "BEST" fashion designers,  models, producers, influencers, starters, celebrities, singers, artists, photographers, videographers, filmmakers, styles, and more. Continue with our philanthropic effort of diversity and inclusion in the fashion industry.

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WASHINGTON, DC Nov 4, 2023

by: Sobeidy Vidal,  President 

Latin Fashion Awards celebrates the contributions of Latin American fashion designers and the development of creative talent. This annual project emphasizes diversity and inclusion in fashion, to promote and strengthen the Latin American Fashion Industry.


"I'm thrilled to welcome the 2023 event at the City Club of Washington DC on Saturday, November 4, 2023," says Sobeidy Vidal, President of Latin Fashion Week. This prestigious event celebrates visionary Latin fashion designers who have significantly impacted the global fashion industry.


The Award recognizes individuals and entities in the fashion industry, such as designers, models, fashion photographers, fashion stylists, hair and make-up artists, fashion influencers, and non-traditional categories that focus on sustainable projects and technologies. The categories also include stylists, producers, photographers, and brand of the Year.


The upcoming season of the Latin Fashion Awards aims to promote and highlight a wider range of categories. These include Emerging Fashion Brands, Handmade, Sustainable, and Responsible Projects, Fashion Stylists, Makeup Artists, and even anonymous behind-the-scenes personnel who will be recognized as producers for the first time.


The Latin Fashion Awards are held annually in Washington, DC, to celebrate Latin American fashion, promote global creativity, and raise funds for brand support, student scholarships, sustainable business development, and awareness on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Ticket gala

Became part of the most significant Latin fashion awards to recognize, excel, and empower the Latin culture in Fashion in the universe.  Celebrando el talento latino y brindemos una plataforma para resaltar lo mejor de la cultura y la moda latina.


As a pioneer of the fashion industry movement in New York City and Washington DC, Latin Fashion Week has been committed to helping establish, recognize, and promote all Latino talent in Fashion.

The "Latin Fashion Awards" is a recognition of the contributor to the progress of Latin fashion designers around the globe in the apparel industry.  Encourage the development of the apparel industry throughout the world.


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