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Mrs. Sobeidy Vidal, many years of experience in the industry has helped increase Latino designer's presence during the Oscar awards, Golden Gloves, Grammy and other mega-events by connecting and dressing the awardee during this events.



Hola! Bienvenidos!

Who is Sobeidy Vidal?

THE WOMEN BEHIND THE BRAND, Is a visionary woman of faith.

Sobeidy Vidal is a visionary woman born in the Dominican Republic with over 13 years of experience in strategist business, event production, branding, and marketing development. 


Founder and CEO of the successful Latin Fashion Week platform aimed to empower and promote the Latin apparel industry and professionals who seek to build their brands in a cross-promotion market. As well as expand their presence while finding multiple applications for their businesses in the USA. With year-round events in New York, Washington D.C., Texas, Dominican Republic, Canada, and Latin American countries.


Founder of Luzs Foundation, a nonprofit organization seeking to enlighten and use the arts as a vehicle to create cultural awareness and empower women and young girls to pursue their careers in the fashion industry; along with reducing Human Trafficking by creating programs and activities through community prevention and education strategy program.

President and CEO, Latin Fashion Week

Sobeidy has visualized the importance of a national and international cultural-social business platform exchange within the fashion industry, cultivating interest from countries like Ecuador, Panama, the Dominican Republic, and others interested in joining the movement.  As well as attracting the attention of diplomatic, government, and celebrities such as Vincent Gray - Former DC Mayor; Roberto and Berta Saladin - Dominican Republic Ambassador; Kevin Sorbo - 1st Hercules movie, Tina Knowles - Beyoncé mother, Katherine Deprum - Hollywood star, Tabernacle Zoe Saldaña - Avatar movie, and Nelly Galán - creator of Swam and Apprentice with President Donald Trump, to mention a few, have supported her vision of Latin Fashion Week.

As a result of her vision to empower and increase Latinos/Latino designers' presence in the fashion industry, they have connected to the fashion universe by dressing awardees to mega-events such as the Oscar awards, Golden Globes,  Grammy, and many more. This has also called the attention of the brand "Versace," which invited her to attend their elite fashion show in Milan 2018.


Ola! (ease the way to pronounce Hola) (hello) 

-Sobeidy Vidal

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