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Designer packages fashion week show



"Latin Fashion Week®" 


Please carefully read our terms and conditions

Choose a category of interest from the list below.  Note: if your type of interest is not listed below, don't hesitate to get in touch with us via email to determine if your category is within the company readers' interest.

After choosing your category of interest, write an email including your complete name, links to your previous written jobs, and social media handles to review your post. 

NOTE: Emails not containing the information mentioned above will not be considered.

After successfully reviewing your information, you will receive a welcome email to send your post.

Note: Before publishing, All posts will be reviewed. 

We accept paid follow posts starting at $250 us dollars 500 words or $450 up to 1500 words.

We will soon accept paid guest posts and advertising for online and print magazines.


  • Apparel

  • Fashion style

  • Fashion trends

  • Fashion brands

  • Fashion Economic

  • Market predictions

  • Fashion Week

  • Designers

  • Women Fashion

  • Men Fashion

  • Kids fashion

  • Accessories

  • Footwear

  • Swimwear

  • Eyewear

  • Textil

  • Technology

  • Makeup and Hairstyles

  • Sewing

  • Fashion Tech

  • Fashion blogs

  • Weddings

  • Fashion schools

  • Fashion Networking

  • Handbags

  • Jewelry

  • Retail and shopping

  • Bridal

  • Celebrity Fashion

  • Fashion events

  • Fabric

  • Fashion equipment

  • Fashion opportunity

  • Fashion designs

  • Models

  • Fashion production

  • Fashion shows and entertainment

  • Boutiques

  • Manufacturers

  • Fashion Calendar

  • Trade shows

  • International Fashion

  • Influencers


  1.   The authors must have a track record of writing great content.  Authors must write content that is at least 1,000  to 2,000 words.

  2.   Link rules.                                                                                                   Links are limited as long as the links benefit our readers.

  3.   NOTE: Bio should only contain max (3) three links

  4.   Must submit "unique" and "detailed posts."

  5.   NO spin content; we do not accept any duplicate or similar articles.   

  6.   Avoid post-rejection, and the post must not contain

    1. Spelling or grammar errors

    2. Animal cruelty

    3. Pornography

    4. Discriminatory words of profanity or curse words.   

    5. No casino, no narcotics, no gambling                        

  7.   Only post categories under fashion and apparel will be accepted.

  8.   We won’t receive any guest posts outside of the topics categories.           

  9.   Post submission rules.

    1. All posts must be submitted via email only; after careful review, you should receive a message with the final decision. 

    2. Please do not email us asking for approval or denied judgment.

  10.   Posting rights.

    1. To submit your post, you must agree to give Latin Fashion Week the full right to this content and allow some editing.

    2. NOTE: Link of your guest post to your site will be allowed.       

  11.   Build a community, not just followers.

    1. We ask the authors to help build and support the fashion community that reads the content published on their blog, learns from it, and contributes by commenting.                                 

  12.   Bring value to the industry.

    1. Provide an informative post; help readers benefit from the content, which is all that matters.

  13.   Choose one of the three options below.  This is the only way to collaborate.                          

Choose below.

Choose the type of article you would like to submit by clicking on the options provided. Please refrain from emailing us, as we only respond to submitted articles.

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