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Among those outfits that never go out of style, the Trench Coat is one of them. It is a British invention designed by fashion powerhouse Burberry and was used for protection from harsh weather in World War II. It was considered men outfit firstly but later on it become famous in women fashion too. Now it is considered a classic piece of clothing and it is an item which everyone has in their wardrobe and they are worn again and again. It is a classic and versatile piece of clothing. however, wearing a trench coat with a constant style can get boring so spice up adding more layers of clothes beneath it and create a new style. There are tons of amazing ways to wear a Trench Coat from which the best are listed below.

#1 Trench coat with Little Classic Black Dress:

If you want a classy look wear a trench coat with a classic Little black dress. these two things rock together and pair it with killer heels. It could be perfect for a semi-formal event. You can wear this outfit for work, seminars , or whenever you want to look like you've got it all together.

#2 Trench Coat With Turtle Neck:

Create a chic and trendy look by wearing a trench coat with a turtle neck beneath it. This style will keep you warm on chilly days. It can be worn with a comfortable pair of shoes or a beautiful pair of stilettos and you can add classic structural bags with a long handle, it will go perfectly with the outfit. This look can change into a sport look by wearing it with a cool pair of sneakers and active pants.

#3 Colored Trench Coat:

Khaki and beige trench coats are classics but it’s bold to try different colors of the trench coat, and bold is the black this year. Try colors like tea pink, it will give a bit romantic touch to your outfit best for dinner dates. Black trench coats create the best work apparel. In the fall season, try a fiery orange trench coat. Colors add fun to your outfits making it more fashionable and vibrant to lift your mood.

#4 Trench Coat With Belt:

The belt is one of the most loved and versatile, accessories and does wonders to a trench coat. This little add on will elevate your look to sky-high levels; it cinches to the waist giving a slim and smart look. Wear this combination with skinny jeans or over a short dress for a chic look.

#5 Contrasting With Patterns:

A trench coat can work for evening events too, just pair it with any patterned dress especially if it is a floral dress. A floral theme is perfect for an evening it gives a sophisticated look and makes sure to wear statement shoes to finish off your look. Any kind of printed shirt will go with a trench coat like a white and black stripe pattern. This kind of outfit is perfect for casual dressing and you can make it a party dress by just pairing it with pair its heels.

One thing you have to keep in mind while choosing a trench coat is that the fitting makes a lot of difference, make sure that the shoulders are not too wide and sleeves are the perfect length. Length of the coat itself is an important thing to consider while aiming for a perfect look. No shorter than mid-thigh and no longer than knee-length is the ideal style. Hopefully, you now have some ideas on how to style this adaptable, classic, and refined piece

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