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Timeless Fashion

Updated: Apr 8


We all have heard a lot about timeless fashion, but never for once did anyone of us think about it in terms of what it truly stood for. Was it some sort of clothing piece that never went out of fashion? Was it a way something was styled that never felt awkward when dressing up? Was it some kind of time capsule inspired clothing line that was immune to changing trends?

The Million Dollar Answer

Timeless fashion is about clothes that are basically comfortable classics. Classics that have defeated the realm of time and have conquered the hearts of young and adult alike. Timeless fashion is anything that withstands the furious waves of rapidly changing fashion trends.

Now that you know what classic timeless fashion looks like here are 5 timeless fashion pieces to include in your wardrobe:


The world’s most expensive bag is definitely going to top the charts of classics. A Birkin bag is sign of impeccable fashion sense; it is also a statement piece for women who like to show off their dollar bills. The price of a simple Birkin Bag starts from $9,550, hence only a few people on planet have the luxury to have this exotic bag.

Black Pumps

A person could give off a lot of information about themselves through their footwear, but with a limited budget, it gets hard for most people to own a closet full of black Louboutins hence a nice pair of black pumps goes a long way. Whether they are peep toed or iconic ankle strap pumps in black can be paired with all sorts of dresses and pants to create an effortlessly chic look.

Trench Coat

Trench coats have stayed in style since the 1800s; Burberry’s classic plaid trench coat is a neutral coat that looks good on all body types. Other than a flattering silhouette this beautiful piece of vintage coat features lapels, double-breasted bodice and a belt at the waist to give you the perfect fit.

Converse Super Stars

Branded and marketed as shoes for basketball players only to get popularity after they were adopted by the punk revolution. Remember those emo punk kids of 2000s and Avril Lavigne? Avril Lavigne was the inspiration for most teenagers to pressurize their parents into buying them a pair of studded black and white converse.

Ray Ban Aviators

Ray Ban aviators were introduced in the market as “pilot glasses” as they provided enormous support to pilots while they were still in the air. Their shape and size helped pilots to see clearly and prevent their eyes from damage by air pressure. However, with time they were endorsed by celebrities and soon were hyped as the iconic celebrity glasses that most celebs wore to red carpets to prevent flash from irritating their eyes. Among all the designs of sunglasses, aviators stay the most coveted classics.

This list could go for another two pages, but with a limited amount of time on our hands, this is as much as we can tell at this time. If you like it, we could do another list of timeless fashion pieces at another time. To timeless fashion and happier times, cheers.

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