Sustainable Fashion Focus Designers

Fashion Sustainable Focus Designers

Sustainable fashion is the type of clothing that is made of environment-friendly material which can also be worn over and over again with various styles and techniques. This kind of clothing helps you save your money and prevents wasting and destroying the environment. When the material for any type of clothing is made, it requires a lot of chemical work and steps that can be harmful to the environment. But when sustainable clothing is made, it uses methods such as using recycles material or environment-friendly material, this process is called ethical production of fabric. Some brands tend to use fabrics that are made by this process, which technically makes the entire outfit ethical, environmentally safe and easy to use again and again. If you are looking for brands that focus on designing clothes that are sustainable and can be used many times due to its style and reliable material, then this is the right place for you,

#1 Everlane:

Everlane focuses on designing clothes that are up to date and fashionable but not too trendy so you can be able to wear the same clothes year after year with different styles and tricks. This would prevent you from throwing away your clothes too soon and contributing to waste production.

#2 ThredUP:

ThredUP is one of the most famous brands that promote sustainable fashion and focuses on producing such pieces that are unique yet reusable. They can be styled multiple times in thousands of different ways with their simple and blending style.

#3 Le 17 Septembre:

This Korea based brand that was found in 1016 by former blogger and self-taught designer Eunhye Shin, which focuses on producing each design in small quantities that are not only carefully crafted but are also made sure to produce minimal waste. Also, this brand is known for its super affordable prices and mind-blowing quality.

#4 Pact:

All of the cotton garments made by this brand are certified organic by GOTS, which assures everyone that the manufacturing process for the fabric is based on purely organic guidelines. The clothes themselves are super comfy and soft that allows you to wear them anytime, anyway.

#5 Eileen Fisher:

This luxury brand is the king of all sustainable fashion brands which specially focuses on everything such as the fibers, dyes and finishes, ethics during the production process, and all the repairs and waste during the process. The garments might get a little pricey but the quality and sustainability let you spend your money with a good heart.

This is the list of the top sustainable fashion brands that focus on designing outfits that are simple enough for you to wear different styles without having to buy anything new. The environment-friendly material comes in handy as you don’t have to throw it away after a single-use. We hope that these would help you in styling better and saving money from buying clothes over and over again to achieve different looks. Use your inner designer to style up the same piece of cloth in different ways.

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