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BEVZA; A brand not a Label!

A ‪#‎strong‬woman with a ‪#‎rock‬ soul is the focus of the “Spice Girls” collection for next spring-summer: a purism of lines that recalls nineties’ style codes for a sophisticated, intellectual yet rebellious mindset. A ‪#‎chic‬ but effortless style for trenches, bright white long dresses, blazers, asymmetric, sheer tops.

BEVZA at the centre of creations by Bevza – a ‪#‎womenswear‬ brand based in Kiev – lies the concept of the White Dress, around which all the collections are developed. A ‪#‎minimalist‬ attitude with white as its manifest, for simple silhouettes featuring a clean cut teamed with fine materials

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