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Must know best way to style a cardigan


Wearing a cardigan can get tricky for women who want to keep it fun and cool rather than motherly or elderly. It is true most of us don’t like traveling down this path, but it is always the path less traveled that is full of fun surprises. Over the years runway models have paired a variety of cardigans with their outfits to create flattering looks. Ahead, we check out the few ways you can style a cardigan and still look like the treat

1. Cardigans & Pencil Skirts

This may sound a bit odd when you read it but pairing up a cardigan with a pencil skirt creates a nice graceful demeanor that you can sport from office hours too late hours. This look speaks of sophistication and tasteful fashion sense. Add strappy heels to complete the look, and don’t forget Tan France’s infamous French tuck when you are going out with a friend in the same attire.

2. Skinny Jeans & Long Cardigans

Long cardigans are one of the most iconic cardigans you can have in your wardrobe. Cardigans with abstract prints can be paired with skinny jeans or leggings to create an uber chic look. You can add nice block heel boots or long boots to create a nice Down Town Abbey inspired look.

3. Long Cardigans & Basic Inner Tees

While most people end up looking bulky in winter because they aimlessly layer clothes without ever taking a moment to align the colors or patterns or even material per se. Don’t be that person, pair your long cardigan with a warm but light hued shirt or top. Make sure to use different colors for top and because that creates dimension and makes you look leaner.

4. Printed Boho Cardigans & Shorts

This is more of a club or party look. While most of us put away those cardigans that have either too much going on or are waist length – don’t do that, bring them to use by pairing them up with shorts. You can create a nice boho look by using your cardigan as a stand-alone top that is complimented by cropped shorts. This look creates an illusion of long legs and a leaner body. You can also create another look by pairing an embroidered cardigan with a mini skirt which is far more sensual and swoon-worthy.

5. Belt That Cardigan

This is the last look that you MUST create if you have a long length cardigan. Whether you have a basic cardigan or printed one, it doesn’t matter just wear it with a basic solid colored tee and put a belt around your waist for a clear figure defining aesthetic. This flatters your figure, makes your body look proportionate and brings a smile on the face of fashion gods.

We hope you enjoy styling all your cardigans now. Remember the idea is to make your figure look more and flattering, so bring these tips to use as you get ready for the next event during winter.

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