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2020 – A Change InColor!

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

2020 Color trends are a change in Color.

2020 – A Change InColor!

Do you know how weather can be predicted? Well in just the same way fashion can be predicted as well. Especially if you’re a trained individual sitting in the market of Fashionable heights and have ‘In’ with the decisions being made in regards to all things material. The forerunners of fashion have worked hard to predict the flow of colors that will follow after the end of 2019.

They have made sure that the natural consortium of colors goes along with the love of natural movements that have been going on in the world. This is why the theme of 2019 was Living Coral and if things go as expected the theme of 2020 will be something along the line of shades in Blue or Green.

In keeping with the earthen tones of 2019, 2020 has been predicted to follow the same natural tone of color. Although where 2019 was a time of pinks, reds, oranges, and golds, 2020 will be the time for Blue’s, Greens and Browns to emerge from their hiding spots.

The Colors Of Spring And Summer 2020

The colors that will evidently dominate the year 2020 in the sunny seasons are considered to be light and breezy. But these colors can also be bold, aggressive and fearsome much like the sea from which they are being divined. 2020 will bring around a cacophony of new shades in the Spring and Summer that will take us by a storm.

Spring 2020: As the year of 2019, 2020 will also start off quite calmly. Just like the sea which is always the picture of absolute serenity, in the beginning, the Spring of 2020 colors will also begin through natural shades of the ocean.

. Cream

. White

. Sky Blue

. Cerulean Blue

. Purist Blue

. Peach

Summer 2020: The summer of 2020 will take on a definite greener shade. It will be much like the sea. Blue in some areas while appearing green in others. In the summer of 2020 Green is predicted to be the trending color along with a few reds and oranges to show the beauty of the setting sun on the ocean.

. Neo mint Green

. Emerald Green

. Tumeric

. Rusty Brown

. Fiery Red

. Burnt Orange

The Colors Of Fall And Winter 2020

The Fall and Winter seasons of 2020 have been predicted by fashion forerunners to take on a combination of the sea and sun. So this means that we will be seeing a lot of Yellows, soft reds, peach shades and of course we will definitely not be saying goodbye to the blues and greens that are the symbols of the sea for this year.

Fall 2020: There is a cacophony of colors that are very likely to be seen in the Fall of 2020. These colors will surely reflect the theme of the sea that has been predicted to dominate the coming year but also some earthy tones as well. Mainly:

. Chilli Red

. Sky blue

. Mellow Yellow

. Fruit Dove

. Galaxy Blue

Winter 2020: Last but not least in our catalog of the prediction of colors made for 2020 are the colors of Winter. As has been the going theme predicted for the year-round, the Winter season will be an extension of it as well. From gorgeous sea colors to lovely sun colors the year of 2020 will be a plethora of wonderful shades that will surely take our breath away.

. Cantalope

. Sky Blue

. Peach

. Buttercup Yellow

. Mint Green

. Royal Blue

If you didn’t already know this information, this blog has sufficiently upgraded on the ins and outs of the colors in a fashion that is dominating the year 2020.

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