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2018 Color Trends

Purple! The color of 2018, You Couldn’t Have Missed It

2018 was an extremely bright spot on the charter of Fashion. Although the colors for each season became a little mainstream, they still kept their own visceral charm. But there was one color that dominated the fashion industry especially in the US and that color was the one and only shade of Purple.

Many would wonder why Purple was given such value, such importance but here’s a counter-question. Why shouldn’t Purple be the reigning champion of 2018? It’s the most royal color there is. It is mysterious, radiant, enchanting and above all looks good on anyone who wears it.

Don’t worry, if you are one of the people who don’t really like the color Purple there were other colors that were a part of the color spectrum in 2018. Would you like to know what they were? Then keep on reading and found out!

The Colours Of Spring And Summer 2018

In the breezier seasons of the year i.e. Spring and Summer, the colors took on an ethereal tone. They reflected royalty and wisdom, an angelic beauty that was apparent in every fashion item that came out in the year. If this wasn’t true divinity then I really don’t know what was.

Spring 2018: The start of this ethereal year was truly beautiful by the colors that were seen in the Spring of 2018. In this year Purple was truly at the forefront of this year but the other colors took our breath away as well. Would you like to know which colors they were? Here’s a list:

. Lavender

. Purple

. Violet

. Radiant Red

. Military Green

Summer 2018: Summer of 2018 in keeping with the theme of 2018, was a plethora of light and airy colors that were extremely angelic yet were not so light that the summer sun would pierce our skin. Here’s a look at the colors of Summer 2018:

. Lavender

. Sky Blue

. Light Green

. Milk White

. Chocolate Brown

The Colors Of Fall And Winter 2018

Fall and Winter of this year just took on a darker version of the same colors that were seen in the Spring and Summer. If it’s purple you want, then the shade of purple was simply made a bit warmer so that it could survive the colder months of the year. Smark thinking, don’t you think!

Fall 2018: A time of new beginning is the season of Fall. And what better way to start change is through the royalty of purple. Although the theme of purple died down a bit in the summer, it rocketed back up again in the Fall and the Winter months of 2018.

. Dark Purple

. Sea Green

. Shades Of Pink

. Emerald Green

Winter 2018: Last but not least on our blog on the colors of 2018 are the winter colors. Winter colors like Summercolors are truly an extension of the previous or coming season. In this case, Winter seasons are an extension of Fall colors. In this season the darker yet still lively colors were apparent throughout. The shades of blue were also on the horizon of fashion along with the shades of Purple.

. Poppy Red

. Shades of blue

. Dark Purple

. Spiced Yellow

. Warm Brown

. Violet

. Emerald Green

So these were the colors of 2018. Do you think your opinion of Purple changed on the basis of this blog? If it did, that’s a great thing because Purple truly is one of the most magnificent of colors in our spectrum

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