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Young Designers

Kids, the fashion industry is a highly challenging industry to break into, especially if you’re a young and inexperienced fashion designer. KIDS Latin fashion week has joined the Luho Kids's, a platform, to showcase talented upcoming youth fashion designers like yourself. If you have an idea for a line, we would like to hear from you.


Many youths are looking for a line to identify themselves with, the good thing is that there’s no age limit for becoming a successful fashion designer; but you do need to possess technical skills, design knowledge and be able to showcase an individual style. It may take a long time to create and start up your fashion line, so we are here to offer you an opportunity to reduce that time span.


Luho kids are looking for young, playful lines branding toward your age to showcase on their online store.  Your job is to create, our job is to help your line advance to become familiar.



Latin Fashion Week providing opportunity at all levels!

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