Why choose Luho

Lujo is "Luho" easy way to pronounce lujo

If it's Luxury must be Luho TM










Ready to increase your sales revenue!  


Why choose the Luho  Sales Channel

1- Luho sales team help you keep your cost low.

2-You will have the best sales personal with out hiring anyone. 

3-Our group of syndicate sales channel has already being promoting cross channel promotion to generate and increase new sales.  Taking your brand and product to clients that you never before imaginable.  

4-Luho sales channel will help you minimize the effort you put into selling more product, and sell more product through others' networks, reaching more potential customers than you could not do alone.


In the sales fashion world, time is a deal killer 

Our syndicator sales team, are well recognize in the instry, its a sale force of men and women that sale various product and services as they only source of income.


Our distribution center ensures your order to be processed and delivered on time manor; Due to delays on your product process, shipment and handling is not going to make things smoother with your investors, business partners and customers.  Luho distribution center will take care all your product logistic for you.


Focus in your brand and or product, we will focus on the sale

Your brand productivity is our sales goal.  The sales team will work to hit your brand sales goal right at the gate.  No excuses.  



Get in touch with us today to be feature in the upcoming Luho online store.

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Contact: Karina Lariza

Email: karina@latinfashionweek.com 


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