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Oscar Award Fashion Color Use And Best Dress

Oscar Award Fashion Color Use And Best Dress

There is no big stage than the Oscars when it comes to flaunting the styles. It’s either go big or go home. The biggest night of the year does come with a plethora of compliments and controversies, but the dressing and style of the celebrities always lead the pack. From black classy dresses to some vibrant and flashy ones, every piece is discussed in detail by the media. To walk you through some interesting insights, here are some Oscar award fashion color use and best dresses.


Do you know the best part about Oscar’s dresses and styles? If not, we are about to spill the beans. The best part about Oscar’s color palette is that there is no color palette. That’s right. You can wear anything you want, but with confidence. Nevertheless, there are a few colors that are always given preference by celebrities. Some of these colors are considered lucky charms while the others are seen as the epitome of perfection.

  1. White

Who doesn’t like wearing white? This simple and chic color has always been seen as a definition of elegance and grace. Not just that, as per a Hollywood reporter, this quintessential color is also considered a lucky charm. “Whoever has worn white has won the award over the past decades”, the reporter claims. This is why the fashion industry prefers wearing white to Oscars.

2. Gold

If you want to stand out from the crowd, but with elegance, then gold is your answer. From adding crystal embellishments to drowning the dress with glitter, there is no denying that gold can do wonders. Thus, it has been the easiest choice for Oscar nominees.

3. Black

A little black always goes a long way. And if it is your Oscar dress, black can make you do wonders. Whether you are having a bad hair day or skincare day, a stylish black piece always saves your day. This is why every Oscar red carpet is filled with mountains of black dresses.


  1. Slim fit Maxi Dress

If you have some sultry curves, what is the best way to show it than to wear a slim-fit maxi dress in awards? This is one of the oldest trends most celebrities follow. Despite looking unique, there is no denying that fancy clothes are a hassle to carry. But sadly, celebrities do not have any choice but to look perfect on the red carpet. Therefore, a slim-fit maxi dress has become one of the most common red carpet trends.

2. Flared and ruched dresses

Fashion is all about comfort. And what is more comfortable than wearing an easy breezy dress that makes you look stunning effortlessly. Thus, it has become a popular choice for all celebrities. The ruched dresses do not just look stylish, but also easier to carry. Moreover, the body of all the celebrities is not at their best every time, thus, these dresses always save the day for them.

3. Crystal Embellishments

Here is yet another hack. Crystals are famous for amping up the looks of dresses, no matter what color it is. Therefore, it is a new go-to look for every celebrity. Even if they are confused a little bit, crystal embellishments are what they opt for.

Pastels dresses

Final Words:

In brief, the Oscars are truly the biggest night every time. And to discuss every dress detail has not just become a chit-chat to have, but a necessity to discuss. Thus, we have narrowed down all the details to keep you up-to-date with the fashion trends around the globe.

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