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2019’s ColorOf The Year – Living Coral

2019’s ColorOf The Year – Living Coral

There is always that one color every year that become the standard or the most beloved color of that particular year. In 2019, that color was chosen quite early on by Fashion forerunners. This color has become the highlight of the fashion we have seen up until now in the year 2019. It is Living Coral.

Living Coral is not a color shade that is as common as the other peculiar names for different shades of color. This one was quite new to many people following the fashion world diligently. To all those confused, let me explain, Living Coral is actually a combination of pink, orange, and some golden undertones. For many people, Living Coral belongs to the Pink family rather than it being a combination of 3 or more shades.

The theme of 2019 has been set. And if those following fashion, in the US specifically want to follow the theme of the year, wearing clothes which revolve around the colors of pink, orange, yellow, red and golden will help them on their way.

The Colors Of Spring And Summer 2019

Spring and Summer are the seasons that symbolize life. Living and breathing life which is ever-present in nature and as much as we may try to ignore it, it is also present in the city as well. To commemorate this life, the fashion forerunners have chosen colors for spring and summer that will showcase the beauty and presence of life itself. They do this mainly through colors that personify the earth and fire of the world.

Spring 2019: The fashion of 2019 chose to start its year very softly. That is symbolically speaking, the year started out with the advent of powdery soft ballet pink. In keeping with its theme for earthen colors, Spring of 2019 decorated itself with the following:

. Powdery Ballet Pink

. Pressed Rose

. Living Coral

. Light Lavender

. Jester Red

. Fiesta Orange

. Pastel Yellow

Summer 2019: The Summer of 2019, took on a more extended version of earthen shades. It showcased the blues and the greens along with all the colors that were so popular in the spring. Here’s a list of them for you to peruse:

. Living Coral

. Aspen Gold

. Neon Green

. Clearwater Blue

. Princess Blue

. Silver

. Toffee

The Colors Of Fall And Winter 2019

Now for the remaining seasons of the year, the forerunners of fashion in the year 2019 have decided that the earthen tones will combine themselves with fiery tones. Although a variation of both was seen in Spring and Summer, a bolder version will now be seen in the coming seasons.

Fall 2019: In the Fall of 2019, the colors have become a little muted. There is still the fierceness of fire and firmness of Earth but it has bottled down into a combination that represents both. That is:

. Merlot

.Biking Red

. Cranberry

. Living Coral

. Chilli Pepper

. Crabapple

Winter 2019: The summer of 2019 the colors that are so warm and bright were definitely muted. This was to combat the Monochrome environment of the cold. After all Global warming is an issue. Although our fashion forerunners handled this little problem superbly by choosing these colors of Winter:

. Living Coral

. Butterscotch Yellow

. Aspen Gold

. Silver

. Hazelnut

. Cheddar

. Chocolate Brown

. Nutty Brown

If you didn’t already know this information, this blog has sufficiently upgraded on the ins and outs of the colors in a fashion that is dominating the year 2019.

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