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Updated: Apr 8


Contact: Ana Bejarano

Phone: 202-587-5663


WASHINGTON, DC -August 29,2018- Latin Fashion Week® brings a fresh alternative to the NYC fashion scene with a cause, and this year, the focus is parallel to taking down the walls of immigrants entering the U.S. and new-comers entering the fashion industry.

"The fashion industry is a revolving door of new styles, ideas, techniques, and implementation. But, lately, the unique creativity that we've come to admire has become stagnant and focused on quick sales. Iconic designs by notable designers are no longer an easy trait to pick up on and new designers who have unique technique, patterns and styles are experiencing multiple barriers of the entrance," says SobeIdy Vidal, CEO of Latin Fashion Week.

Which is why this year's LATIN NYC edition is about “Taking Down the Wall” of the fashion industry as a method to create a more inclusive, diverse, and cultural oriented fashion shows. Latin Fashion Week will be showcasing “LATIN NYC” in the Church of Scientology as a presentation to preview the upcoming 2019 partnered fashion shows with the Luzs Foundation.

Invited designer collaborating in “Taking Down The Wall" is Gustavo Matta. Matta is a Mexican fashion designer whose designs have appeared on the Oscars red carpet and worn by Latina celebrities as Thalia, Ninel Conde, Jury and many more. "Latin Fashion Week is an opportune platform working to provide opportunities for Latino fashion designers in the USA and open the fashion show to the masses," says Vidal.

To reduce the cost barrier of entering the fashion industry, Latin Fashion Week has partnered with Luho, a fashion market that produces the garments of independent and up-in-coming designers based on the votes of its members. Luho will serve as an online sustainable brand platform to distribute, sell and market the designer's pieces or collections worldwide, incorporating the "Made in America" movement.

Additionally, Latin Fashion Week offers a Galeria Expo which is its version of a popup mall for fashion savvy shoppers, buyers, and attendees looking to buy exclusive looks. The Galeria Expo is to provide attendees with a runway buying experience before distributing a collection to the mass consumers. Buyers can pre-order their favorite selections, and attendees can purchase a ready to wear piece at a fair price during Latin Fashion Week.

Latin Fashion Week’s mission revolves around the growth of designers entering the industry or new markets. "The fashion industry is filled with many start-ups that have a lot of potential yet lack a vehicle to prove so. By providing a substantial platform for designers to fund a collection, to market their brand and to generate sales Latin Fashion Week functions as that aggressive vehicle that will add value to their brand and marketing efforts," says Vidal.

This year's "Taking down The wall" presentation is supported by the Luzs Foundation. Latin Fashion Week partnership with Luzs Foundation advocates a philanthropic commitment to help and give back to the Hispanic community. The partnership is aligned to use the fashion industry as a medium to raise awareness about human trafficking which has become the new form of modern slavery.

We will like to thanks all of our sponsors, partners, and friends, especially the Church of Scientology, for their support in this 2018 Latin Fashion Week presentation in NYC.

Latin Fashion Week is a week long event functioning as a vehicle for Latino/Hispanic designers entering and establishing themselves in the fashion industry. Latin Fashion Week takes place in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Argentina and the Dominican Republic presenting collections of new, emerging and established designer in 23 cities.

About Luz's foundation:

Luzs foundation is a 501C3 non-profit that enlightens, shapes, and supports the life of women and youth by contributing to a more vibrant, inclusive, art, fashion and humanity prevention programs. Its focus is on community outreach, using art as a channel for social change that can nurture compassion and understanding of ethnicities, cultures, and genders.


Latin Fashion Week calendar: August 31 to September 1, 2018, for media information and to RSVP visit:

Latin Fashion Week New York® is a registered trademark of Latin Fashion Week, LLC. Latin Fashion Week is registered in Canada, Panama, Dominican Republic, and Argentina in conjunction with the country and state represented by its brand.

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