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2017 Color trends

2017 Was Not A Filler Year In Color

2017 Was Not A Filler Year In Color

The number 7 is most often considered the filler number. It’s not as good as 6 or as glamorous as 8. But the year 2017 proved this differentiation absolutely wrong. 2017 was a time of boldness, especially in the world of Fashion.

Just look at the Fashion Week images from Paris in 2017 and you’ll see what I mean. The pictures of the models, as well as the guest celebrities, will blow you away. The sheer ingenuity and royal visage that was seen was truly magnificent. Not to mention the colors used in the show were what made the outfits so truly memorable. After all the color of a thing, especially a dress is supremely important.

Here is a tip ladies and gents, if you want someone to remember what you wore, make sure that the color is something that stands out of the crowd and of course above all makes you shine in a way you haven’t before. Take a look at the colors in fashion in 2017 and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Colors Of Spring And Summer 2017

Spring and Summer 2017 was like the sun shining after the stormy nights. Dark and Bright yellows were in style everywhere. It could be evening gowns, short dresses, jeans or tops, yellow was everywhere. And not just yellow but a variety of dark yet cool blues, pinks, and greens as well. After all the RBG colors never go out of style.

Spring 2017: Although 2017 truly did start out with a little lighter and brighter tone. Reds and Yellows were definitely favored and that’s why the colors of Spring 2017 were mainly:

. Primrose Yellow

. Canary Yellow

.Lapis Blue

.Grass green

Summer 2017: The summer of 2017 was once again an extension of the shades of Spring 2017. The colors took on a darker hue than the ones in spring. Red was at the forefront of fashion in the summer of 2017. And why shouldn’t it be! After all it is a snazzy shade. Here’s the list of colors that rocked the Summer:

. Hazelnut

. Light Red

. Royal Blue

. Blue

. Pink Yarrow

. Primrose Yellow

Colors of Fall And Winter 2017

As always the Fall and Winter seasons are when colors truly shine. And the dark shades of those colors are what your dress worth it. The shade of red definitely had a life of its own in these two seasons. It certainly took the crowd on a ride and didn’t let up until the start of the new year.

Fall 2017: The fall colors this year took on a lighter tone as compared to the overall dark visage of the year. The colors showcased in this season although dark in their right was not as ‘Black or Bleak’ as the other seasons.

. Dusty Pink

. Peachy Orange

. Pumpkin Pink

. Burgundy

Summer 2017: Last but certainly not least in our catalog of the colors that rocked the year of 2017 are the colors of Summer. The longest season of the year in most countries and in 2017 the color that lasted the longest was definitely Red. Take a look at the gorgeous shades of red and other colors as well that truly widened the horizon of 2017.

. Red

. Maroon

. Royal Red

. Pale Dogwood

. Hazelnut

. Flame Orange

This was our catalog on the colors of 2017. What do you think? Did you wear these colors in 2017 or did you wear something completely different?

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