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Five Spanish models you should follow on Instagram ASAP

Louis Vuitton and Prada have both been caught under the spell of these Spanish beauties, who not only rule the runways but also social media. They have the looks, they have the style and, definitely, they have the followers to prove it.

Get to know Alba Galocha, Steffy Argelich, Sita Abellan and Mayka Merino, fashion’s latest runway stars and social media queens.

ALBA GALOCHA (@albagalocha)

Originally from Galicia, Alba Galocha is the hottest Spanish model of the moment. One of Nicholas Ghesquière’s favourites and a regular on the main runways over fashion month, Alba is a talented photographer and a former blogger for Vogue Spain. Her style is on point, mixing rock-and-roll and casual clothes with designer garments resulting in Instagram-worthy looks. Need any more reasons to follow Alba? Just ask her 70.000+ followers.

STEFFY ARGELICH (@steffyargelich)

Another Ghesquière favourite, Steffy Argelich hails from Barcelona and has quickly conquered the local and international fashion industry. Her careless looks and attitude translate into her Instagram pictures, even though in front of the camera she is a chameleon: Steffy can go from modelling for Zara to walking Louis Vuitton in a second. All without loosing her cool girl attitude.

MAYKA MERINO (@maykamerino)

Even though Mayka is a new face in the international modelling industry, she has been working in Spain for a while. Her unique look caught the attention of IMG Models and last September she became the first Spanish model to open a Prada show just a few days after walking for JW Anderson. Now based in London, Mayka is rapidly becoming a new face to watch both on and off the runway. Her style is eclectic with vintage influences, making her Instagram a great source of outfit inspiration.

SITA ABELLAN (@sitabellan)

Although Sita is not technically a runway model, appearing in a Rihanna music video for sure makes you an Instagram star. With more than 170.000 followers, Sita Abellan became famous after Rihanna herself contacted her agency in New York asking for the Spanish model to participate in her video for “B*tch better have my money”. Sita’s rebellious personality, multicoloured hair and singular style not only caught the attention of the R&B star but also from Japan – in fact, she is quite a celebrity in Asia.

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