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2016 color trends truly stamped up!

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

2016 where colors were truly stamped up! New shades, brighter colors were seen in the fashion shows.

What Was New In Color Fashion In 2016?

2015 was a time of change but it was 2016 where colors were truly stamped up! New shades, brighter colors were seen in the fashion shows and on the celebrities and that, of course, created a domino effect and soon these new shades were seen commonly on the streets. The distinctions between fuchsia and neon pink were being noted and differentiated.

On the streets, if you’d see 4 or more people in blue, each of them when asked would say they are wearing Cerulean blue, navy blue, ice blue and so on. They would not just say ‘Oh, I’m wearing Blue today!’ that’s just not done anymore. The fashion world was changing and with it, it’s knowledge of the intricacies of different colors.

· Colors Of Spring And Summer 2016

In 2015 the light hues arose as the height of fashion during the Spring and Summer months and in 2016 these same light hues were individualized and spread out on the spectrum of colors. A more detailed view of colors was taken in these months. To show you the differences here are the famous colors of spring and summer of 2016.

Spring 2016: Spring of 2016 brought a plethora of new colors. They were different, beguiling and extremely attractive. This spring, the colors that were worn gave way to amazing contrasts and compliments. Mixing and matches of the different colors became a fun way to individualize your clothes, shoes, and makeup. The colors that were most popular in Spring were:

Rose Quartz Pink

Peach Echo

Serenity Blue

Beach Blue

Flashy Green

Lilac Grey

Summer 2016: When springtime gives way to summertime, colors are bound to change in hue and because of global warming the fashionistas made sure that the colors worn in this season were not too hot. Making it easier to wear all types of colors in light shades. The most popular ones were:

.Snorkel Blue

. Buttercup yellow

.Shell Blue

.Fiesta Orange

. Black

. Futuristic Silver

. Pale Gold

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