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Friday September 11 Time: 7:30pm Venue: Midtown Loft & Terrace

Saturday October 17

Time: 6:30pm

Venue: Carnegie Library


Marc Defang, an international fashion designer, was raised and educated in New York City.  His fashion training at the Fashion Institute of Technology and Regent's College in London gave him a head start in his fashion career.  In his early years of designing, Marc has worked closely with Anna Sui, Isaac Mizrahi, Ann Taylor in New York City, and Jockey in Wisconsin, USA.  In the late 90s, Marc was based in Singapore, building fashion brands, manufacturing, retail channels, and distribution for over ten years.  

Marc is currently the Chief Designer for MARC DEFANG Brands, where he designs in his New York studio & Charlotte office.



MARC DEFANG has been in business since 1999; a well-known brand carried by a luxury line of high-quality handmade footwear, fine jewelry, handbags, and wedding & evening gowns. 

MARC DEFANG guarantees top quality in craftsmanship, finest materials of pearls and crystals, 100% curated and hand-made designer pieces. Customized footwear and clutch bags for special evening and gala or everyday socialite carry & use. 

MARC DEFANG collaborates with artists, and designers, working closely with renowned designers from New York, London, Singapore, and Shanghai in the entertainment showbiz, design, art, and fashion industries. 


































































































ACERCA DEL DISEÑADOR Marc Defang, un diseñador de moda internacional, fue criado y educado en la ciudad de Nueva York. Su formación moda en Fashion Institute of Technology y la Universidad de Regent en Londres le dio una ventaja en su carrera en la moda.


En sus primeros años de diseño, Marc ha trabajado en estrecha colaboración con Anna Sui, Isaac Mizrahi, Ann Taylor en la ciudad de Nueva York, y Jockey en Wisconsin, EE.UU.. A finales de los años 90 más de 10 años, Marc se basó en Singapur construcción de marcas de moda, fabricación, canales de venta y distribución. Marc es actualmente el Jefe de Diseño para MARC Defang marcas donde diseña en su estudio y Charlotte oficina de Nueva York.

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