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DECEMBER 1, 2023


Our people and our fashion shape our world ®

An award ceremony recognizing the contribution of Latinos/Hispanics in the fashion industry.

This year we will recognize the "Latin Fashion Awards will recognize the "BEST" fashion designers,  models, producers, influencers, starters, celebrities, singers, artists, photographers, videographers, filmmakers, styles, and more. Continue with our philanthropic effort of diversity and inclusion in the fashion industry.


Beneficiating The National Breath Cancer Foundation 


Gift of Love


Our mission is to support women at every stage of the breast cancer journey and help them provide a Gift of Love to their children while going through the process. Your contribution will help mothers experience some joy in knowing that their loved ones will receive a gift, even though they may not be present



NOV  28

Media Cocktail
By invitation only           7pm


Latin Fashion Awards
Welcome Recetion & Red Carpet    6pm - 11:59 pm


after-party band.


Dance the night away to merengue, bachata, and all the music of the world.


Vivien Agbakoba.png

House Wife celebrity designer, meet Vivien Agbakoba

Vivien is a Nigerian-born, USA based designer who has been plying her craft since age

11; when she self-taught cloth making with her mum’s sewing machine. Viven live in Caracas and Maracaibo Venezuela for fours year where she fold in love with the Latin culture and language.

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Jolibeth Sanchez - Orquidia de oro _ LATIN FASHION FESTIVAL awards (12).png

Joblibeth Sanchez


Jolibeth Sánchez is motivated to be an ambassador of Honduran elegance on the global fashion and jewelry stage. She is inspired to show the world the beauty and richness of Honduran culture through her creations.

In the future she sees herself promoting and supporting more women in the field of design through education and example, encouraging the growth, discovery, and creativity of new female entrepreneurs.



Ticket gala
Chris DeLoatch-LATIN FASHION week awards (11).png

Chris DeLoatch


Is a Model, singer/songwriter, and actor who is a native Washingtonian. He has been featured in Vogue Bolivia, Vogue Italia, Krave Magazine, and numerous other fashion publications. Most recently, an editorial for Monarch Magazine. Chris has worked with some of the top talent in the industry, including Janet Jackson when he was featured in her "Made for Now" music video, as well as international brands such as Nike and Sergio Tacchini. Chris is featured in the current Campaign for menswear brand Ike Behar. While modeling, Chris started branching out into acting and starred in the web series "Bait" and also wrote and performed the theme song for it entitled "Trouble"


Maria Torres


Maria was born in El Salvador at a young age, and my interest in fashion and the world of beauty became evident. In my native country, El Salvador, I enjoyed helping my mother sew and participate in crafts. However, when I immigrated to the United States, I faced several obstacles and had to start from the bottom rung of the ladder of life. My first job was cleaning offices, followed by working as a waitress in a restaurant. Although the difficulties didn't deter me, I eventually got an opportunity at a designer boutique, which marked the beginning of my journey in the world of fashion.


José Alberto Uclés 


Together with his spouse Tom Noll, an artist, decorator, and children's book author, Alberto is affectionately known as one of the "Artsy Fashion Peacocks." They are fashionistas, advocates, influencers, and supporters of DC arts, fashion, theatre, culture, music, diplomatic life, and philanthropic causes. Their colorful and unique fashion style, their artsy home, and the famous "Peacock Walk-In Closet" have been featured in articles in the Washington Post, Washingtonian, DC Modern Luxury, and District Fray magazines, making them popular speakers and guests at events in the DMV area.


Amarilis Villanueva 


Gente Empoderada Magazine has an archive of more than a million visitors on its page, have appeared on its cover personalities such as Haidy Cruz, Ninel Conde, Marjorie de Sousa, Rashel Diaz, Carlos Adyan, Gelena Solano, Excarlet Molina, Patrica Fuenmayor, Talia Ontivero, Antonio Gil, Leila Cobor, Lozart La Para, Elian Zidan, Lenny de la Rosa, Camila Mainz among others

The magazine photoshoots covers have been create
in Argentina, Mexico, Spain, Chile, Dominican Republic, Cuba, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Guatemala.



Josett Valdez 'Josie"

In the year 2000, Josie developed the brand of her beauty company, “Josie’s Faces,” which revolutionized the industry by highlighting the beauty from within and promoting confidence and self-love in each of the people or groups she works with.

She has worked with Univision, Telemundo Miami, Telemundo New York, Telemundo DC, Fox 5, Channel 7, and others. Josie quickly earned her placement and has become well known in the community as one of our top influential and powerful Makeup Artists, leading her to receive multiple recognitions for her contributions in numerous magazines, including Bazar Magazine and international organizations in the world of beauty.


Karol Marcela Escalante


is Fairfax County Director of Immigrant Community Affairs. She works in the Office of the County Executive and is part of the One Fairfax team and has more than 15 years of
experience working with key topics related to immigration, community engagement, public policy,
diversity, inclusion, and strategic planning.

Escalante is currently developing and implementing a comprehensive, countywide plan for ensuring that
Fairfax County is a welcoming community for immigrants with opportunities for integration, community well-being and economic success.



Antonia Del Moral

What makes Antonia tick? Well, you'll often find her snuggled up, watching her favorite movies with her family. She loves spending quality time with the people she adores. Whether it's sewing, cheerleading, singing, dancing, or simply being her fabulous self, Antonia is always up for a good time!
But there are two things she's incredibly passionate about: fashion and acting! This little star-in-the-making dreams of strutting down the catwalk and lighting up the big screen.


Valentina Suria 


Valentina was born in Fairfax, VA, from salvadoran parents. She was only 10 months old when she had her first competition, modeling two outfits and winning her first crown. A couple of years later, she began to take modeling classes at DC International Models. This year at DC Kids Fashion Couture, she was presented to the fashion world by the international designer Henrry Mezza.


Valentina Suria 2.png





Became part of the most significant Latin fashion awards to recognize, excel, and empower the Latin culture in Fashion in the universe.  Celebrando el talento latino y brindemos una plataforma para resaltar lo mejor de la cultura y la moda latina.


As a pioneer of the fashion industry movement in New York City and Washington DC, Latin Fashion Week has been committed to helping establish, recognize, and promote all Latino talent in Fashion.

The "Latin Fashion Awards" is a recognition of the contributor to the progress of Latin fashion designers around the globe in the apparel industry.  Encourage the development of the apparel industry throughout the world.


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