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Join the Latin Fashion Week Family!

Since its establishment, Latin Fashion Week has been committed to promoting Latino fashion designers and brands on a global scale. The platform supports its Affiliate Network, which comprises nearly 150 independent community-based fashion and event production organizations. The fashion and event production platform's affiliates play a vital role in advocating for Latino fashion designers and brands, as well as ensuring equitable representation for people of all races and ethnicities in the fashion industry.


We amplify our impact by:: 

Assisting  Affiliates in fostering peer-to-peer collaboration by showcasing their talent and experience. 

Linking Affiliate's website to opportunities for greater outreach, external funding, professional development, and leadership. 

Developing leaders through fashion, runway, event planning, culturally relevant training and program areas, advocacy, and community engagement 

Providing access to special event collaborations at the national and international levels.. 

Connecting Affiliates to a wide range of designers, producers, journalists, fashion weeks, and resources, including subgrants for eligible Affiliates each year, as funding allows.

Highlighting Affiliates through Latin Fashion Week's integrated communications and media partners. 






Networking and Training 

Every year, we bring our Affiliates together to discuss issues, brainstorm, connect, grow their agencies, learn new skills, and build their capacity. Activities include:

Fashion Weeks days 

Latin Fashion Week Annual Conference 

Latin Fashion Week Leadership Summit 

Top ten round table, finding solutions to Issue-Specific Networking 

Peer-to-Peer collaboration Networking 






Affiliates have access to leading tools at little to no cost as funding is available. Topics include: 

Leadership Development 

Leadership Transition Planning

Technology (Access/Training) 

Sponsorship procurements

Program Evaluation 

Board Development and Recruitment 

Fundraising and Resource Development 

Media and Communications (including social media) 

Social Enterprise 

Top tear fashion and event production Training




Please take note of the following information

All organizations interested in becoming part of the Latin Fashion Week Affiliate Network must meet specific criteria and submit a completed application for affiliation. The annual application cycles have respective deadlines of every  March.


All eligible applicants are reviewed and approved by the Latin Fashion Week Board of Directors in April.


To determine if your organization is eligible, please complete the Affiliation Eligibility Wizard. Eligible organizations will receive further communication from the Latin Fashion Week Affiliate Member Services team regarding the next steps and deadlines.

All organizations seeking to apply for affiliation must meet the following criteria: 


"To be considered for our platform, you must meet the following criteria:

- Focus on Latino fashion designers and brands

- Registered as a business with the IRS and local government

- Actively involved in the fashion and event production industry with a portfolio of at least two years in the industry.

- Open to partnership with other affiliates, nationally or internationally, to help fashion designers and or brands expand to global outreach

- Willing to collaborate with other affiliates to expand your network

- Support and follow each affiliate to strengthen the network" 


Has a demonstrated commitment to helping increase Latino pretense in the fashion industry globally without limitations

Is identifiable as a reputable fashion and event production platform 

Aligns goals and objectives with Latin Fashion Week and strategic priorities 

 Latino Focus 

To demonstrate a commitment to the Latino fashion designers and brands movement and to develop the next generation of industry leaders at all levels, the following three focused criteria must be met:

Serves and/or advocates for a constituency that is at least 50% Latino 

Has staff/leadership that is at least 25% Latino

Work with fashion designers and or brands/members that are at least 25% Latino, 


 Commitment to Impact 

Demonstrates alignment with Latin Fashion Week's focus on creating a measurable impact in the event production, and fashion/apparel community; to disrupt and help democratize the fashion industry.


"In line with the institutional values of Latin Fashion Week, the company and its members are committed to not discriminating based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, citizenship, political affiliation, or any other classifications protected by applicable federal, state, or local laws."

CONTACT US TO FIND OUT MORE                                                                                              Latin Fashion Week Affiliate Members Services
Attn: Sobeidy Vidal
1150 F St NW St 1050                                                                                                             Washington, DC 20004                                                                                                            Email: 




Renew your Latin Fashion Week affiliation


As a member of the Latin Fashion Week Affiliate Network, your partnership, and support are crucial in maintaining the relevance of our national and regional international efforts, ensuring that they continue to meet the needs of the creative community.

Annual membership fees are determined based on the total annual revenue of General Member Affiliates. All Affiliates are required to submit payment of their annual membership dues to maintain continuous access to benefits.

The Latin Fashion Week Affiliate Dues are effective as of November 30th of each year.

Total Revenue (IRS Tax form Size                     Fee 

Total Revenue Size of $50K or Less                $1500

Total Revenue Size of $51K–$100K                     $2,500

Total Revenue Size of $101K–$200                $4,800

Total Revenue Size of $201K– $300K             $9,500

Total Revenue Size of $301K–$400K              $14,700

Total Revenue Size of $401K-650K                 $23,500

Total Revenue Size over $651K+                     Call for price


*Dues amounts increase 3% annually



Please send a cashier check to:                                                

Latin Fashion Week
Attn: Karen Bejarano           

1155 F St NW Ste 1050      
Washington, DC 20004 



Please send a check to: 

Call for information on Latin Fashion Week


Please send a check to: 

Information will be sent upon application approval.

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