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Do you have what it takes to be the next Miss Top Runway Model!                        Model Agency and Academy Welcome! Many benefits join us

TOP Runway Kids NY
TOP Runway Kids NY

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TOP Runway Kids NY
TOP Runway Kids NY

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1. Contestants must meet age requirement by category by August 30, 2015.
2. Contestant must be a naturally born female and naturally born male.  
3. Contestant must live or work in the locality that they represent and be prepared to submit proof of residency.
4. Contestant must provide proof of age upon request.
5. Underage contestant, a legal parent or guardian must present a photo ID and sign all the necessary release forms.
6. Contestant must not have appeared nude in any photo, movie, video publication or event.
7. Contestants must bring the change of look, and need to be inspected before the event by our quality control producer.
8. Winners CANNOT compete in or represent any other pageant during her reign as an Exquisite International Queen without the consent of the Exquisite Pageant national director.
9. The contestant will take part in all rehearsals.

10. The Contestant agrees to defend and holds harmless the  Top Runway Model Contest from and against any liability, claim, loss or expense including reasonable attorneys fees arising out of any injury or damage which is caused by or arises from or is any way connected with participation in this program or event.

11. Musto submits a personal picture for the program book no later than Tuesday, September 7.




TRM ANGEL:  Ages 4-9yrs

TRM KIDS: Ages 10-12

TRM TEEN: 13-17




 Fitness or  Athlete Wear (20%)
Contestants will be scored on overall body tone, proportion, Fashion or Athlete wear as well as the appearance of physical fitness according to their division.
Attire:. Contestants may wear a one or two-piece aerobic or athlete wear outfit of her choosing.  

Evening wear (35%)
Top Runway Model winners must have a Top Model personality, attitude and drive to keep on growing in the industry.   In this category, the elegance, evening gown, and beauty will serve as your best tool to win this category. 
Attire: Floor length gowns.  Price and designer of the gown are not judged.


The participant will be part of the final runway show, all models must bring BLUE JEANS


NOTE: This is the very first event of the many national and international competitions. 


Good Luck!





LOCATION: Midtown Loft & Terrace

ADDRESS: 267 5th Ave, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10016

DATE: Sunday, September 13, 2018

TIME:  3:30 PM



The participant will be part of the final runway show, all models must bring BLUE JEANS


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